About Us

It is always difficult to find the right supplier for all your events, so Team Fleekii have put a platform together for you to make life easier. Whether you are just getting your nails done or finding cakes for a baby shower.

Fleekii is aimed at all age groups and all genders no matter the occasion. So search the desired location or the suppliers you may need to plan the perfect look. You should see some very artistic recommendation in your local area.

Some of these artists do this as a side business but may not have the time or funds for professional flashy websites. So Team Fleekii created a platform for them to reach you!

Create your very own Glam Squad!!

FLEEKII is built from scratch based on sourcing the right artist that would be ideal for the page and whoms quality is outstanding. Those most passionate about their jobs, those who consistently show up and get great reviews for their products and services. It’s been designed with an emphasis on speed, ease of use and flexibility, with the ultimate goal of making it an effortless experience and pleasure for you to find and discover new artists.

Let FLEEKII help you find the perfect artist for you.


Filter suppliers by location, style, designers and more


Contact the artist and unleash your inner glam.


After the highly recommended artist has waved their magic wand. Write them a heartfelt review so others can trust the artist.